The Old House Cottage, Bampton

These are the detailed directions for reaching here.

If you are driving

From your starting point make your way to Junction 27 (Tiverton) of the M5. At Junction 27 take the exit to Tiverton which puts you on a dual carriageway the (North Devon Link Road). After about 7 miles there is a roundabout where you take the right turn to Bampton. Follow this road for about another 7 miles, passing through Bolham and Cove.

At the mini roundabout by the Exeter Inn, take the right fork to Bampton. The village is 1-2 miles further on. Just after the village sign the road does a 90 degree left bend into the main street. Go to the T-junction at the end, turn right then immediately left into a narrow lane. This is Frog Street - you can't see the actual road name at this point (the sign you can see says "unsuitable for long vehicles"). Frog Street is very narrow so drive slowly and carefully and be ready to give way to pedestrians and any oncoming traffic.

Follow the lane along, initially passing cottages on both sides, then round a sharp steepish left hand bend, after which there is a BT exchange building in a field on the left and a few cottages on the right. At this point you'll see a huge yew tree ahead and high garden wall on the left followed by the chimney stack of a white building sticking out into the road. This is the Old House. Turn left down the driveway alongside the house and park in the open space on the left between two stone buildings (don't cross the bridge over the stream). This all takes a lot less time to drive than it does to explain!

If you're on public transport

There are a couple of options, depending on the type of transport you're using. By train the best option is to get off at Taunton, as buses from Tiverton Parkway (8 miles from Tiverton and 15 miles from here) are carefully designed to arrive in Tiverton just after the Bampton bus has left. So unless you want to spend a couple of hours in Tiverton...

At Taunton Station you can catch the 25 from the stop opposite (check it goes all the way as some of them don't). They run roughly every 2 hours and the journey takes an hour. Get off at the top of Luke Street by the War Memorial and walk down the hill past the Spar shop until you see Frog Street on the left. The last bus leaves the Bus Station at 19:55.

By coach either get the 25 from Taunton Bus Station or from Tiverton Bus Station the 398. The Bampton stop is in Brook Street outside the butcher's shop. Buses run about once every 2 hours, taking about 20 minutes to Tiverton with the last one at 17:35.


this is the timetable for the 398

and this is the 25

On arrival

We usually manage to notice people arriving and come out to meet them but if no-one appears, walk through the gap in the garden wall facing where you have parked and turn left, straight up the path through the vegetable garden, and the gable end of the cottage will be facing you slightly to the right. Go right and then left into a little patio. This is the cottage and the key will normally be in the door. You will find a green ring binder inside with information about how to work things in the cottage and the local facilities. If you arrived on foot, walk down the main driveway and turn left into the parking area between the two stone buildings and then follow the rest of the directions above.

Arrival time is around 4pm and departure around 10am. Please ask if you would prefer any other times, as it is often possible to arrange this.

If no-one has come out to meet you and you want to make contact go back round the cottage into the little paved area facing the top of the garden path and ring the bell on the black and white door opposite the well.

The Map

The map on our home page, direct from the mighty google, is interactive. Which means you can zoom in and out, see it from a satellite and if you drag the little yellow man (should be top left) across to Frog Street you get google “streetview” and can have a virtual wander around. Such are the wonders of technology!